Primary Games Arena – Science

Description A collection of 30 basic online science games and quizzes which are categorised according to which age group they are relevant to.

Games include; Label the vegetables , How can we stay healthy? , Investigating Earthworms, The Earth And Beyond, Exploring Food Cycles, Life Cycles of Plants , How to Brush your Teeth , Nature Grid, Different types of Energy , Build A Mouth , Eating the right things, Medicines and aches, Fungi. do they take up mush-room, Different Kinds Of Teeth , What & Where are Micro-organisms, The Positions Of the Sun, Day & Night, The energy we can get from our food, How do we use our teeth? , Sunrise & Sunset, Healths Pairs , Making Electricity, Who lives in the woods? , Orbits , How do spores distribute? , Creating a Food web, What is Bacteria?, Who lives in the grass and Our Circulatory System.

Age Range: 6-12

Where can I get it? Play online at;

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